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TemperingOur tempering furnace is capable of tempering glass with a maximum dimension of 72” x 168”. Another important feature of our furnace is its capability in tempering soft coat Low-E glass making it ideal for residential and commercial exterior window applications.

LaminationOur lamination oven can be used for interior dividers and decorative applications to exterior commercial storefronts and impact glass. Let us know your lamination requirements and application and we’ll produce your glass based on your specifications.

PaintingWe paint with water based and ceramic frit paints depending on the price target of our client. Water based paints dry quicker and are less expensive then Ceramic Frit paints. Ceramic Frit paints take longer to dry and are run through the furnace such that the paint gets baked into the surface thus are more durable.

InsulationIG units will be assembled depending on the customer requirements and dimensions. From residential annealed glass units to impact glass units for residential and commercial applications, we want to meet your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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Ready to work with a
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